WhatsApp Will Stop Working On These Smartphones After December 31, 2017,See your phone in list.


WhatsApp can pack up On These Smartphones once December 31, 2017. Is Your Phone On The List?



WhatsApp is one of all the foremost widespread and most popular platforms for communication at the current time. however, there’s some dangerous news for Windows Phone and BlackBerry users, as they won’t be able to use WhatsApp once thirty-first Dec 2017, as per the company’s statement during a diary post.



Yes, you browse it right! The Facebook-owned app can stop acting on Windows Phone eight.0, Blackberry ten and Blackberry OS; but, Windows 8.1 version and better are going to be supported.

The company makes it clear that the support for these platforms would be ceased and several other options would possibly pack up anytime as a result of WhatsApp won’t actively develop for the preceding platforms.

As per the corporate,

“We can now not actively develop for these platforms, some options could stop acting at any time.”


It added,

“These platforms don’t provide the type of capabilities we’d like to expand our app’s options within the future. If you employ one of all these affected mobile devices, we have a tendency to advocate upgrading to a more modern OS version, or to a more modern automaton running OS four.0+, iPhone running iOS 7+, or Windows Phone eight.1+ in order that you’ll be able to continue victimization WhatsApp.”

At an equivalent time, WhatsApp expressed that it’ll support Nokia S40 till thirty-first Dec a pair of018 whereas automaton 2.3.7 and older are going to be supported until first February 2020.


Here’s the list:

1. Nokia Symbian S60 once thirtieth June 2017

2. BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry ten once 31, Dec 2017

3. Windows Phone eight.0 and older once 31, Dec 2017

4. Nokia S40 once 31, Dec 2018

5. automaton versions a pair of.3.7 and older once first February 2020

The company more aforementioned,

“Once you have got one in all these devices, merely install WhatsApp and verify your number on the new device. detain mind that WhatsApp will solely be activated with one number on one device at a time.”

As of now, users don’t have any choice of transferring chat history between platforms and it merely implies that if you have got upgraded to a replacement platform, your chat history is going to be lost. all the same, there’s AN choice of causation chat history to email.

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